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IrresistiBulls was born out of love for the English bulldog who first graced our world, Bruiser. It became our mission to spread the wealth and spread the joy he afforded us to families around the nation.


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Ethical and Responsible Breeder with a Respect for Life

We understand that many people have concerns about the dog breeding industry - we have the same concerns. At IrresistiBulls, we care greatly about the health of our puppies and adult dogs, which stems from their genetic makeup.

We pride ourselves on practicing ethical breeding by taking champion lines from around the world. The further removed our gene pool is, the less likely your puppy is to inherit health conditions that can be common in the English bulldog breed. In our puppies, you get a piece of beloved and world-renowned show dogs from places like Ukraine, Spain, and Russia!
We go to great lengths not just to breed for highly coveted traits, but also to limit traits that can lead to health conditions in your puppy. We have successfully eliminated corkscrew tails and narrow nares so they no longer cause a problem for our puppies or families.

The general issue related to breeding any dog, but English bulldogs in particular, is health. We do what we can to breed English bulldogs with all the genetic traits that we love while trying to weed out the ones that can lead to health issues. The key is to limit puppies who are too closely related regarding bloodlines, where anomalies can arise.

Many breeders are either irresponsible in their breeding practices or simply do not understand the complexities of producing healthy English bulldog lines. We only breed the sires and dams who exhibit the best-quality lineages and never take unnecessary risks by breeding dogs who have too-similar ancestry – not just for our business’s sake but for the puppys’ sakes, as well as for the families who welcome our puppies into their homes.

In times of crisis or challenges, your family will always be there to lend support, give advice, or just to hold your hand. When you buy one of our puppies, you are forever a part of our family. We have been in the breeding world for decades, and we are also concerned fur-parents who have seen our fair share of worries.

What Our New Families are Saying...

Heather Cimino
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We love the newest addition to our family! Very friendly and responsive breeders who obviously love and care for their dogs. Be patient and the right puppy will come along. Our puppy Lola is so cute she doesn’t look real. ❤️🐶❤️
Roberta Anderson
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I received my beautiful OG as a Christmas present. He is the most wonderful little ball of happiness. The breeder has been extremely helpful and has answered all my questions. Our Vet says he is a great bulldog. He is sleeping thru the night and our French Bulldog and OG play all day.
Scottie Scott
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This owner/breeder is simply amazing. She went out of her way just today to help me. They also have the most beautiful puppies. They go so fast. Thanks one more time!

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